'Frankie & Me' is a blog about baby food, by Frankie & Me. ‘Me’ being Nicky, Frankie’s Mum, and ‘Frankie’ being our baby daughter.  

I like to define a toddler as a tiny human between the ages of 12 months and 4 years old - an explorer with no boundaries or limits. They like to put most things in their mouths, and test the hell out of our patience.   They are loveable creatures who we would do absolutely anything for.  This includes cooking yummy food that is rejected one day, and then gobbled up the very next.   Parenting one of these tiny humans is testing, but it’s important to keep positive, enjoy the ride and just try your best.

Motherhood can be daunting, and once Frankie was ready for solid food, we became overwhelmed with all the options of baby food out there.  As a new mum, I’m wary of what food I feed our child, and I prefer to make food from scratch as opposed to buying pre-made meals from the supermarkets.  This is when I realised how much fun it can be making food for kids.  So Frankie and I started this blog.

We hope you enjoy it.  And we hope you’ll enjoy cooking these recipes as much as we do. 

Happy cooking,

Frankie & Me x